Employee Engagement & Well-Being

You Matter
Employee engagement and well-being continue to be priorities at San Diego Unified School District. By adopting a continuous process of assessing and enhancing engagement, San Diego Unified can better understand the needs of its employees, what the district is doing well, and where there are opportunities to improve. 

The process is simple: Staff and leaders use the results of the Employee Engagement & Well-Being Surveys to inspire open discussion at the school or department level, where employees can create simple action steps to address the topics that matter most to them. Follow-up surveys allow teams to assess their efforts, continue building on strengths, or address new opportunities for growth. The process empowers employees to make their workplace better for themselves and enhance their engagement.

San Diego Unified is committed to cultivating an environment that fosters equity, a sense of belonging, and a thriving school community.


Results and Discussions

Anonymous, team-level results are being shared with principals and department managers at Gallup-facilitated trainings on January 4 and January 11. Site leaders will learn about the Gallup Access platform as well as resources and tools to engage in conversations with their teams to identify the most important areas to focus on within our schools, district, and community. 

Staff can join in by discussing the results with their teams, sharing their voice, and helping plan positive changes for their workplace. Details for future opportunities to get involved will be shared by your manager, supervisor or principal.

5,600+ Staff Members Heard

More than 5,600 San Diego Unified employees shared their feedback in the initial Gallup survey, which was conducted in the fall 2023.

Staff input helps leaders and teams make positive changes to enhance the work experience at San Diego Unified.

View a summary of the district-wide results here.

District-Wide Action Plan

Senior leadership will analyze the survey data in collaboration with educational partners to generate goals and next steps for district-level ownership of the results.

Stay tuned to learn more.