Donor Designation Form

Mission Statement: The Community Service Association of San Diego Unified School District is a nonprofit association organized to solicit contributions from district employees for recognized charitable agencies in San Diego County which supports the arts, education, health, and human services.

With a $5 minimum monthly donation CSA members have the option to designate a San Diego County nonprofit agency to receive their contributions.  Donations not designated are allocated by the CSA Board of Directors to local nonprofits who apply for grants.

+ Only one San Diego County nonprofit agency may be designated per school year.

+ Changes cannot be made during a school year to a designation amount or agency, except to start or end the one designation per school year.

+ If donating to a school you must specify the school ASB or the school Foundation.

For the designation to take effect you must also submit a Payroll Deduction Form or a Voluntary Payroll Deduction on PeopleSoft.

Designations must be confirmed in writing each school year.

The effective date of the designation will be the date that the form is received by CSA Administrative Support, except that forms received from February 1 – August 31 will be effective on September 1.

A receipt confirming your designation will be sent to you within 30 days.  

Questions? Please email CSA Administrative Support at [email protected].

Designation Form here.

Please send the printed, completed form in school mail to “CSA – Ed Center”.

Rev.  7/18/22  jfo