iService Desk Job Aids

iService Desk - [email protected]  is our online work order request system. When you log in to iService desk, you can:

  • Submit an online work order request if you need a repair or have another facilities-related request (NOTE: IT requests are not part of iService Desk, they must be made through Cherwell)
  • Check the status on and view work orders that have already been created
  • Run a report on work orders at your site by selecting a date range

*NOTE: This is only accessible when using a District network, you must be on a District site and it will not work remotely.


A job aid has been created to give you a visual guide to working in iService Desk:


Do Not Use iService Desk for Emergencies
For Emergencies:

During Business Hours call: 858-627-7250 

After Hours/Weekends call: 619-291-7678