Instructional Materials Adoption Process

Supplemental IM Exhibit

An Instructional Materials Adoption Packet (IMAP) has been developed to guide committees through the evaluation and recommendation process. The committee chairperson is responsible for following the process outlined in the IMAP and completing the associated documentation. The information is then used to prepare a report to the Board of Education recommending new instructional materials for adoption.

Instructional materials for K-12 courses are evaluated and recommended by committee to the Board of Education for district-wide adoption. Committees are developed, per Ed Code 60210, with a majority of the participants of any review process being classroom teachers who are assigned to the subject area or grade level of the materials. Committee members should represent all geographical areas of San Diego Unified School District and include central office staff and parent/community members whenever possible. Recruitment from the departments of Special Education, Educational Technology, Office of Language Acquisition and Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) is also recommended.

Packets are prepared and emailed to publishers, typically in August/September, requesting instructional materials submissions for courses being considered for adoption generally in the following school year.

The following should be included in the review process for new and existing instructional materials on a regular basis.

  • Evaluation of instructional materials for positive representation of women and men, individuals with disabilities, the aged and ethnic group contributions throughout all course-content areas.
  • Elimination, when possible, of all materials which do not accurately portray ethnic groups, women or men in their leadership roles and occupations without demeaning or stereotyping their roles in society.
  • Ensure that materials conform to state curriculum frameworks and standards, and reflect district goals and expectations for teaching and learning.