Early Learning Options

About Early Learning Options in SDUSD

Early Learning Options:

  1. For TK 4 | Universal Transitional Kindergarten, all day program for 4 Year Olds, please contact the school site directly for space availability and enrollment. For a list of schools offering TK 4 | Universal Transitional Kindergarten, please click here.
  2. Part day for 3 and 4 Year Olds, 3 hour am and pm sessions
  3. Extended day, available at one site, Central Elementary, for 6 hours

For a listing of Early Learning school sites, program offerings, and map; please click on the following links:

Part-Day Early Learning 2021-2022

TK4 Sites 2021-2022

Map of School Sites


Below you will find information and links to assist you in applying for San Diego Unified School District's Early Learning Program.

Book with ABCs

Eligibility is determined by the following State factors:

  • Age
  • Income
  • CPS/At Risk (Must provide letter/document from case worker)
  • Homeless (Must provide letter or referral from agency or self-declaration of situation
    Children with IEP (Current IEP must be provided.  State priorities listed above also apply)





State Fiscal Year 2020-21

2020-21 Income Guidelines

2021-22 Income Eligibility