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We are a department within the Leadership and Learning Division, that focuses on accelerating academics by integrating social and emotional learning.

Our work is about designing equitable learning conditions that develop and prepare independent learners’ social, emotional, and academic agency. We provide support and professional learning opportunities around Quality Learning Interactions and Quality Teaching Practices in order to integrate social, emotional, and academic learning, which will help accelerate student progress and close learning gaps by providing strategies teachers can use. Quality Learning Interactions and Quality Teaching Practices are research-based practices that highly affect student achievement and implementation of the QLIs and QTPs is essential to addressing learning loss and accelerating student progress. We will continue to focus on classroom community and safe, collaborative, and inclusive classroom cultures in order to best address barriers to learning and enhance learning supports in every classroom.

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During the 2020-2021 school year, San Diego Unified School District is piloting a micro-credential* program for educators.

For the Spring, we are looking for educators interested in refining their practice in one of twelve areas by engaging in approximately 15 hours of asynchronous or hybrid professional learning. Why participate? This is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to life-long learning while earning resume worthy micro-credentials that capture growing competencies/skills.

Academics Through Agency will be offering two micro-credentials. One for Quality Learning Interaction: Welcoming and one for Quality Teaching Practice: Clarity of Purpose this Spring, with more offerings in the future that can ultimately lead to a certification. Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding about the interaction or teaching practice and put it into practice with students, as well as reflect on their learning and plan for next steps. To learn more about the benefits and to complete the interest form (due 1/22/2021), please visit the link below.




Our Team

Contact us at:
4100 Normal Street, Room 2011
San Diego, CA 92103

Jen Carpenter, Director
Jeralyn Johnson, Instructional Coordinator
Dr. Dulcinea Hearn, Instructional Coordinator
Esther Brown, Instructional Coordinator