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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Many San Diego Unified Police Officers Are There?
    There are 38 sworn officers for the school district, including the Chief of Police. In addition to sworn officers, we have non-sworn personnel consisting of dispatchers, clerical staff, records clerk, and a crime analyst.

  • What is the Most Common Crime on Campuses?
    Theft is the most common type of crime. Almost daily, someone leaves a valuable item unattended when they go to the lunchroom, to an adjoining classroom, to get a cup of coffee or to make a phone call. Upon their return, the item is gone. Theft can be prevented. Please do not leave anything of value unattended. Not all persons attending schools or visiting our facilities are there for an education. If you see anyone suspicious, promptly call the San Diego Unified Police department.

  • Are You School Police, or the Real Police?
    San Diego Unified Police Officers have full police authority anywhere in the State of California. San Diego Unified Police Officers get their peace officer status from California Penal Code, Section 830.32(b). All police officers have undergone testing and continued professional updates as mandated by POST (Peace Officers Standards in Training). Our department and its officers must maintain training to remain certified by the State of California.

  • I See San Diego Unified Police Officers Writing Parking Tickets; Do You Have to Give Me a Ticket?
    San Diego Unified Police Officer's respond to complaints regarding parking violations at schools and district facilities. To avoid being cited, please park only in parking stalls that are not marked "reserved" for staff and district employees. Our officers issue parking warnings and citations to gain compliance with state laws, municipal laws and district regulations. In addition to our officers enforcing parking laws and regulations, San Diego Police Officers and Parking Enforcement Officers will issue parking citations for parking in red/fire lanes, No Parking zones and handicapped parking spaces at schools and district facilities, 24 hours a day.

  • Do San Diego Unified Police Officers Issue Traffic Citations?
    Traffic safety has become a leading concern, surrounding student safety while traveling to and from schools and district programs. Our police officers may stop traffic violators and issue warnings or citations. San Diego Unified Police Officers may also stop and issue citations to motorists who violate the school bus flashing red light cross-over on any public or private roadway. On occasion, our officers will stop motorists away from district property and issue citations to drivers who operate a vehicle in a negligent manner. Under California Law, California Vehicle Code Section 40202 (c) and (f), it is a misdemeanor for any peace officer to alter, conceal, modify, nullify or destroy a parking citation.