Donors Choose resources for classrooms and students

Donors Choose resources for classrooms and students
Posted on 05/29/2020

Community Members, Teachers and Principals,

As some of you already know, Donors Choose is a great resource to get materials for your classrooms and students. Thanks to their national network of 4 million+ donors and generous corporate partners, they've raised almost $1 billion for schools across the nation. Even though our school buildings are closed, the DonorsChoose team is still able to help you and your students get the supplies needed to continue learning at home, and there are thousands of donors out there waiting to support San Diego Unified students.

Supporters: You can support your schools through many ways; see existing projects here.

Educators: Here's what you can do today:

1. You can create a Donors Choose project for materials for your classroom (for when schools reopen) or to get resources shipped to the district that can be routed to your students' homes so that they can best learn from home. For either type of project, your first step is to go to to create an account.

2. Once you create an account, you can start your first project. Almost 70% of projects reach their funding goal, and the Donors Choose team recommends you keep your project cost under $800 to have the best success. The cheaper the project, the more quickly it can come to life. You can create multiple projects right off the bat so instead of one large project, consider creating three smaller ones.

3. Once you create and submit your project, the Donors Choose team will review it and post it to their site so donors from across the nation can contribute. You're welcome to share your project with your social network, and though that can help your project get funded more quickly, it's not required to have success.

4. When your project is fully funded, the Donors Choose team will email you to confirm when and where you want your resources shipped. If the materials are destined for your students' homes, please request that the Donors Choose team ship the items immediately to our central warehouse at 2351 Cardinal Lane, Distribution/Supply Ctr., San Diego CA 92123. If you want the materials for your classroom once schools reopen, tell the Donors Choose to hold materials until the Fall. If schools reopen this semester, you can contact their team to update that shipping date and get your classroom materials sooner this spring.