About Text Messaging

Text Messaging

On October 22, 2014 the district added text messaging capabilities to SchoolMessenger, the system we use for phone calls and emails. The system was configured to send text messages to cell phone numbers in SchoolMessenger whose recipients have agreed to receive them.

Individuals will receive text messages ONLY if all three of the following requirements* are met:
1. The individual opts-in
2. A cell phone number is on file with the district
Make sure they have a cell phone number on file in PowerSchool. The district uses the two cell phone numbers on file for text messaging.
3. The message sender includes content for a text message
When the school site wants to send a text message or include a text message as part of his/her message, you must select the message type "General - with Text." You also must include copy for your text.
*These requirements address any concerns related to the accuracy of the database and costs associated with receiving text messages.

How do recipients opt-in to receive text messages?
1. Text the word "YES" to 67587 from each wireless device they wish to receive texts on.
2. Confirm the text device number(s) are in SchoolMessenger. [Note: Depending on the data synchronization configuration it may take 24 hours or more for numbers to be updated from the district SIS database.]

How do recipients opt-out of receiving text messages?
Recipients not wishing to receive text messages to a particular number can simply do one of the following:
1. Don't opt-in, and don't reply to the opt-in invitation message.
2. Text "STOP" to 67587 at any time.
3. Opt out online at http://schoolmessenger.com/txtmsg
4. Request that the SchoolMessenger system administrator add the number to the account's phone number block list.

Can the text messages come from a district phone number instead of the SchoolMessenger short code?
No, short codes are the industry standard and the only fast and reliable way to deliver mass text notifications.

I received a text message that says it's from SchoolMessenger? What does it mean?
That was the opt-in invitation message sent by SchoolMessenger if it was from 67587 and it said:
<<Insert Customer Name>> text messages. Reply Y for aprx 3 msgs/mo. Txt HELP 4info. Msg&data rates may apply. See schoolmessenger.com/tm

To continue receiving informational text messages from the school district reply with "YES".

If you don't reply, you will not receive any future texts from SchoolMessenger.

I opted in, but I'm not receiving texts?
Ensure that the district has included your correct device number in the database (Student Information System or HR System) in the SMS phone fields that are synchronized with SchoolMessenger. It may take 24 hours for this number to be active after being changed or added to the district's system.

Send a text with the word "YES" from that specific device to 67587. You should receive an opt-in confirmation message from the service.

If you want to receive texts on multiple devices, each device number must have an opt-in receipt.

Confirm that the district has attempted to send a SchoolMessenger broadcast that includes a text message to your phone number.