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WJ IV Assessment Information click this link:

WJIV Assessment Guidance - Training - Requesting WJ Protocols


No blue IEP containers are available for distribution. Store sensitive IEP documents in a colored folder in the Cum Folder, blue is suggested. 

ESY 2024 June 12, through July 12

Summer Website



    • ESY Case Manager Training Slides: For all case managers! Access slides from the recent ESY training session held on Tuesday, Feb. 6.
    • These slides cover the registration process for ESY-eligible students. Training Slides
    • Recording: If you missed the training, here's the recording:
    • If you have any more questions, please reach out to Theresa Aviles.

ESY Registration Info.: PowerSchool Handbook for Summer Registration and ESY.

ESY Registration starts in page 15

Security Access page 16

Page 16 - ESY Registration Access

PowerSchool users with the ESY Registration security role will have access to make changes to the ESY Registration page only. Contact the Site Tech/Power User if you do not have access to this page.

Site Tech/Power Users, to provide staff with access to make changes to the ESY Registration page, you will need to add the ESY Registration security role using the Security Setting page.

If any further assistance is needed for PowerSchool Access to Registration page contact Theresa Aviles at [email protected]. Please include your school site, your role, and your ID #.

Lead and Contact Person: ELO TEAM

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