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SEAS Training Information and Dates Online IEP Program Training

New staff are required to attend electronic IEP system, SEAS. The district's security policy prohibits the sharing of passwords which allows access to personal/private information. SPED Staff - For Case Managers and Related Service Providers Refer to ERO for current SEAS training schedule
See Attached flyer for more InformationAdmin/Clerical Read/Print onlyRefer to ERO for training schedule
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WJ IV Achievement Trainings

This training session will provide an overview of the Woodcock-Johnson IV and the components of an evidence-based academic assessment. A brief discussion of the history, development and technical qualities will be provided, but the primary emphasis will be on administration, scoring and interpretation and report writing of the WJ IV ACH. Participants will gain the knowledge necessary to begin administration of the WJ IV ACH and assessment interpretation and report writing. WJ IV kits can be checked out after the training by a designated person at each site. Register according to the high school in your cluster. You will need your laptop or iPad.

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