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CAC Events

New and current (who have not yet attended) staff are required to attend SEAS training for access. The district's security policy prohibits the sharing of passwords which allows access to personal/private information.

SEAS Training Information and Dates

Online IEP Program Training

Training Schedule:

Trainings are scheduled in the ERO (Electronic Registrar Online) system. For assistance with accessing ERO or registering for SEAS training contact Naomi Lewis 619-725-7426,

To find ERO online;

Open: - > Staff Portal > (sign in)> View All > Electronic Registrar Online (ERO).

Trainings are listed under: Course Catalog > Curriculum - Special Ed IEP > SEAS IEP Special Ed STAFF Training or SEAS IEP for Admin/Clerical (Read Only Access)

If you cannot enroll in ERO you may still attend a training as a walk in, room permitting. Contact, Shane Moore at

SEAS trainings are held at WigginCenter in B1. Wiggin is located on Mt Everest Blvd. off Balboa.

Important: School sites are responsible for funding substitutes for SEAS training

Regularly scheduled trainings:

Staff training for case managers and service providers are usually held the second Tuesday of each month.

Clerical/Administrator - Read Only training (reading/printing only permissions) are usually held the second Friday of each month. Check ERO for monthly schedule.

IEP and SEAS Help Camps are held each Wednesdays 7:00 to 4:30 at Wiggin in B1. Help camp schedule is on ERO.

IEP Help Camp will cover help with IEPs and SEAS. Help Camp is for previously trained staff, it is not a training.

Sign up on ERO under SEAS Help Camp. Walk ins are welcome. (Open hours, drop in when you have time.)

Contact Shane Moore at for questions, additional training or to set up Support or Help Camps at you site.