The Risk Management Department manages liability claims and district property loss incidents for the San Diego Unified School District.


Administrative Procedure 1720: Liability Claims Against the District
replaced with BP 3320 and AR 3320

Administrative Procedure 7180: Employee Liability


Damages to District Property

Follow district administrative procedures listed below to report fires, floods and break-ins at your location. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of all equipment and furniture for possible replacement when applicable. Risk Management will request copies of inventories, equipment descriptions and pricing when investigating a reported site loss.

Administrative Procedure 5025: Property Damage or Loss

Administrative Procedure 5100: Safety, General
replaced with AR 5142 and BP 5142

Administrative Procedure 5105: Fire Safety, General

Administrative Procedure 5375: Use of School Equipment by District Personnel (Away From School Premises)
replaced with AR 3512 and E 3512

Damages to Employee's Property

The San Diego Unified School District may provide reimbursement subject to limitations, for the cost of repairing or replacing certain employees' property damaged in the line of duty as a result of malicious acts, without fault of the employee. Administrative Procedure 2660 outlines the conditions and process for employees who desire to file for reimbursement. Members of the SDEA collective bargaining group should refer to their contract (SDEA) for information regarding reimbursement for the loss of personal teaching aids/supplies. The Reimbursement for Damage/Loss to an Employee's Personal Property Form must be completed and returned to Risk Management within 30 days of the incident.

Administrative Procedure 2660: Reimbursement to Employee for Property Loss or Damage