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Instructional Facilities Planning Department (IFPD)
4100 Normal Street, Room 3150
San Diego, CA 92103

Main Office Telephone: (619) 725-7372
Main Office Email: [email protected] 

Attendance Boundaries Office: (619) 725-5668
Attendance Boundaries Email: [email protected]

FAX Number: (619) 293-8320


Staff Contact Information
Please call the Main Office number listed above with general questions.

Regina Rega, Manager
(619) 725-7370 [email protected]

Vivian Mickhail, Architectural Administrative Aide (Sub)
(619) 725-8190 [email protected]

Jon Wreschinsky, Facilities Planner
(619) 725-7552 [email protected]

Gabriela Elliott, Facilities Planner
(619) 725-5569 [email protected]

Samantha Hawkins, Architectural Administrative Aide (Sub)
(619) 725-7553 [email protected]