Position Description Review Project

The Human Resources Department began conducting a system wide position description review in 2015 for all employee groups. We began updating all of the District's position descriptions as part of this project. We sought input from employees in order to update the position descriptions. As you know, the position descriptions for most positions have not been regularly updated in several years. This project is an important district-wide process to ensure our position descriptions are updated and will establish a regular cycle to maintain current position descriptions for all employee groups.

Items to note:

  • Compensation is not the basis for revisions to job descriptions. In the vast majority of cases, routine revisions to a class description will not result in a salary increase.

  • SDEA positions will be reviewed using a separate process. SDEA members do not need to complete this survey.

  • This process is primarily focused on updating position descriptions based upon the basic function of the job. The survey will focus on updating the basic function, essential duties, minimum qualifications, and working conditions (e.g. physical requirements or work settings) of the position description as needed.

  • This process is not to be used as a position classification review request and should not be considered as such.

In 2015, the following information was distributed to collect this information from employees Administrative Circular No. 23

At this time, the draft position descriptions are currently being bargained with all units. As the parties reach agreement, the new position descriptions are presented to the Board of Education at regular meetings for approval.