Annual Employee Notifications

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All Supervisors, Managers, Site Administrators, Directors and Chiefs are required to ensure all employees attend a training (in person or online) and that they acknowledge (via signature) that they have received and understand the information in these notifications within the first six weeks of the school year. Effective January 1, 2015, all employees must be provided with this training, managers and supervisors must provide time during the work day to participate in this training. All sites and departments will be required to obtain signatures and enter this data into PeopleSoft on an annual basis.

  1. All District Supervisors, Managers, Principals, Directors and Chiefs should take the following steps:Download the signature document for your site. Use this job aid to download your site/ department signature document is attached to this circular (note: Food Service and Nursing Staff participate in the training with their departments).
  2. Review the presenter script as it has specific processes for preparing, delivering and following up after the training has occurred.
  3. Conduct the training using the "Annual Employee Notification Training" link below. Employees who participate in the training (in-person/ online or packet) should sign the signature document. Once all signatures are collected, the site/ division head should enter this information into PeopleSoft HCM (see job aid)

How to conduct the Annual Employee Notifications Training:

  • Option 1 (preferred). Conduct an in person meeting.You may schedule more than one session if you have a large site/ location or for other logistical reasons.
  • Option 2. Provide the link to employees and have them view the presentation on their own. Employees should be provided time within their work day as well as access to a device that allows them to view the materials.
  • Option 3. Print and distribute the Annual Employee Notifications Training Packet

Employees who are absent for the training may conduct the training online or may be provided time during the work day to complete the training.