Fraud Hotline

San Diego Unified School District values honesty and integrity. We have a commitment to cultivate high ethical standards and to promote conduct that strengthens public trust and confidence in the integrity of our work. To help keep our reputation strong, we need everyone's help. The fraud hotline was activated in 2006 to assist with this commitment. The hotline is handled by a third-party service. Follow up and/or investigation is handled by the district's Quality Assurance Office.

A recent study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners showed that organizations with fraud hotlines cut their fraud losses by approximately 50%. These savings can translate into additional dollars for our students and our schools. The fraud hotline provides employees with a simple and effective means to report fraud or financial abuse. Reports can be made to a toll-free telephone number or on an external website. All contacts are confidential. Employees can choose to remain anonymous. Community members have access to the hotline as well.

What is considered fraud or financial abuse?

Examples include:

  1. An employee is being paid inappropriately, such as receiving overtime without working overtime.

  2. A school fundraiser is conducted and the monies are not turned in to the school.

  3. A district credit card is being used for personal business.

  4. An employee awards a contract to a vender, who subsequently hires the employee's son.

  5. Supplies are being used for a side business.

How does the San Diego Unified fraud hotline work?

An employee can simply call the toll free San Diego Unified Fraud Hotline number at (800) 539-6621 or visit the website at and follow the instructions. A trained, independent professional answers calls 24 hours, seven days a week. Callers are guaranteed confidentiality and can choose to remain anonymous. The voice mail system does not have caller ID enabled and no effort will be made to identify the caller. The caller will be given a case number and can follow-up on the status of his/her report. Information provided by the caller is summarized and forwarded to the district's Quality Assurance Office for confidential follow-up.