Contact Information and Vendor Assignments

San Diego Unified School District

Office of the Controller

Accounts Payable

4100 Normal Street

Room 3141

San Diego, CA 92103

General Accounts Payable Questions and Inquiries:

(619) 725-7755 - Phone

(619) 725-7769 - Fax

Sherri Shumaker, Manager-Accounts Payable


Vendor Assignments Effective 01/01/2021

Vendors, Employee Travel, Expense reimbursements, and mileage claims are assigned to A/P staff alphabetically by the payee's last name or company name.

AP Contacts documents:

Vendor Assignments 2021.01.01_by Alpha.pdf

Vendor Assignments 2021.01.01_by Specialist.pdf

A Amy Fulford 725-7768
B Stephanie Trump 725-7765
C Tina Jair 725-7764
D Phuong Pham 725-7761
E Phuong Pham 725-7761
F Terry Marino 725-7763
G Terry Marino 725-7763
H Cordae Auld 725-7759
I Terry Marino 725-7763
J Tina Jair 725-7764
K Amy Fulford 725-7768
L Terry Marino 725-7763
M Stephanie Trump 725-7765
N Phuong Pham 725-7761
O Phuong Pham 725-7761
P Terry Marino 725-7763
Q Stephanie Trump 725-7765
R Tina Jair 725-7764
S (SDG&E - Cordae Auld) Mercedes Wiles 725-7765
T Stephanie Trump 725-7765
U Amy Fulford 725-7768
V Tina Jair 725-7764
W Phuong Pham 725-7761
X Amy Fulford 725-7768
Y Tina Jair 725-7764
Z Amy Fulford 725-7768
FPC - Construction & Prof. Services Contracts Cristi Childers 725-7683
Payroll Deductions & Wire Transfers Cordae Auld 725-7759
PCard Administration / Transactions / Training Stephanie Trump 725-7765
Employee Travel, Acacia Travel Cordae Auld 725-7759
Check Requests (District Business Non-PO) (By Payee Name) All - See Vendor Letter (FPC to Cristi Childers)
Mileage and CBI Reimbursements
(By Employee Last Name)
All - See Vendor Letter (FPC to Cristi Childers)
Food Services Vendors A - F
American Produce, Domino's, Sysco, Hollandia
Employee Reimbursements, Lunch Refunds A-F and Catering Invoices
Elsa Clark Ventura 725-7760
Food Services Vendors G-Z
Giuliano's Bakery, Goldstar, Hollandia, P&R Paper
Employee Reimbursements, Lunch Refunds G-Z and Catering Invoices
Valeria Carrizosa 725-7771
General Accounts Payable Questions and Inquiries:
(619) 725-7755 - Phone (619) 725-7769 - Fax