Title IX

Title IX

Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in the following areas:

Recruitment, Admissions, and Counseling

  • recruitment materials, admission forms, class or career selection materials, admission of students

Financial Assistance

  • procedures and practices for awarding financial assistance to students


  • requires nondiscriminatory participation based on student interests and abilities
  • equal benefits and opportunities (equipment, supplies, training facilities, recruitment, support services, etc.)
  • financial assistance

Sex-Based Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

  • unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature
  • sexual violence
  • gender-based harassment

Pregnant & Parenting Students

  • different treatment on the basis of sex based on parental, family, or marital status
  • exclusion in educational programs, or activities based on pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy


  • imposing consequences based on sex, gender identity, failing to conform to stereotypical binary expectaions, etc.

Schools, Classes, and Extracurricular Activities

  • providing education programs or activities separately on the basis of sex
  • requiring or refusing participation by students on the basis of sex

NOTE: There are exceptions: 1. contact sports in physical education2. classes or portions of classes…that deal primarily with human sexuality3. nonvocational classes and extracurricular activities within a coeducational…school if certain criteria are met.


  • employment, recruitment, hiring, promotion, compensation, grants of leave, benefits
  • consideration or selection for employment
  • based on pregnancy or marital status


  • against anyone who has reported, investigated, filed a complaint under Title IX

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