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1. Introduction

2. Child Find

3. Referral

4. IEP Assessment (Supplemental Supports Info.)

Assessment Information

Person Centered Planning Informal Assessment

Supplemental Support Process

Supplemental Support Notification and Request Process

Supplemental Support Samples and Templates

Misc. Assessment Information

Woodcock Johnson IV (WJIV)

California Alternative Assessment

5. Individualized Education Program (IEP)

District Procedural Updates

Supplemental Supports

CAASPP Forms and FAQs

Organizational Tools

Procedural Safeguards
(documents are currently being reviewed and will be updated as new versions become available)

Parent Satisfaction IEP Survey Forms

Medi-Cal Parental Consent Form


Quality IEP handouts

CEP-Ed Forms

Core Content Connectors (CCC)

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

ECSE Foundations

Additional ECSE Foundations Links:


6. Interim Placement

7. English Learner

California Practitioners' Guide for Educating English Learners with Disabilities

2019-2020 EL Professional Development Training Schedules

English Language Assessment and English Language Alternate Assessment (ELAA)

Comprehensive Evaluation Process For English Learners (CEP-EL)

District Procedural Updates

Reclassification of English Learner Students 04/2019


8. Related Services (APE, AT, Nursing, Music, MHRS, OT, PT, SPHS, SLI, IEE, Vision Therapy,)

Related Services Organization Chart 10/19/18

Related Services Best Practice Guidelines

District Procedural Updates

Adapted Physical Eduction

Assistive Technology

Refer to Assistive Technology website for referral information

Health and Nursing Services

Diapering Toileting Policy

Music Therapy

MHRS Chapter 44


Physical Therapy

Speech and Language Services

Over Caseload Forms

IEE Information

Contact your Special Ed support staff for IEE Provider List.

VT (Vision Therapy)


9. Least Restrictive Environment

10. Placement Options (Service Delivery Options) - Home Hospital - Nonpublic School (NPS) - Enrollment Options (Choice)

  • Stars and/or NPS Request for Alternative Consultation

11. Transportation Guidelines for Special Education


Tranportation Information

Bus Monitor

District Procedural Updates

12. Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)(Preschool)

Child Find

Early Childhood Forms

IFSP (Interagency Family Service Plan) forms

Infant Transition

Preschool Resources


13. Parentally Placed Private School Students (PPPSS)

PPPSS Enrollment Forms

PPPSS Information

PPPSS SEAS Packets Instructions

PPPSS Suspend Contact/Revocation

14. Positive Behavior Supports

BSR Information and Forms:

Social Skills (for more Social Skills information refer to Chapter 46 Curriculum)

15. Manifestation Determination - Expulsion - Suspensions

District Procedural Updates

16. Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

  • Contact Special Ed support staff for IEE information.

17. Case Manager Responsibilities

Master Schedule for SAI Services

Each site should identify ONE person to:

  • Create the copy
  • Replace the words "copy of" with the school name (ex: "Nye" Master Schedule of SAI Services)
  • Select the blue "Share" button in the upper right hand corner
  • A box will appear to enter team members' names or district email addresses
  • Leave the setting at "can edit"
  • After entering team members names or email addresses, the "send" button will appear for you to send


18. Procedural Safeguards

19. Timelines

20. Student Records

Record Request

District Records Procedures

21. SEAS - Electronic IEP System

SEAS Reference Material

SEAS Guide


SEAS Tips and Job Aids:

Report Tips:

Data Processing Tip:

Assigning Staff to caseload Tip:

Exit Student Tip:

Completing Forms Tips:

Progress Report Tips:

Program functions Tips:

SPED Procedural Tips:

Program Updates:

PPPSS SEAS Packets Instructions


22. Paraeducators

23. Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS)

24. Section 504


25. Graduation Requirements and Summary of Performance

26. Services Available for Parents

27. People First Language

28. Withdrawal From Special Education

29. Extended School Year (ESY)

District Procedural Updates


30. Compensatory Education and Settlement of Disputes

31. Blank

32. Interpreting and Translation Service

Distance Learning - Translation Interpretation

Interpretation for remote IEP meetings/language support guide for case managers:

  1. Interpretation & support requests
  2. Meeting logistics

III. Recommendations for Effective Communication during the Meeting

Virtual and Phone Interpreter Request Form 2020

District Procedural Updates

33. Standards Based IEP Goals


34. Transition Plan and Services

ITP Procedural Update 03/08/19

Indicator 13


Post Secondary




Community Based Instruction (CBI)


35. Articulation

  • (Change of Placement form and template located in Ch. 39 (Trace)

Articulation Planning Forms


36. Charter Schools

37. Due Process and Compliance Complaints

38. Emergency Response Procedures

39. Special Education Programs


40. Non Public Schools (NPS) and Non Public Agencies (NPA)


41. Low Incidence and Medically and Physically Challenged (MPC)

Low Incidence Deprtment web page

Low Incidence Referral Form (Google.doc)

Medically and Physically Challenged (MPC)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) Services


Physically Handicapped (PH/Related) - Intinerant

Specialized Physical Health Care Services (SPHCS)

Vision Impairment (VI)

42. Auditory Books for Students with Disabilities

43. State Testing and Accountability

District Procedural Updates

CAASPP Forms and FAQs

Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SMAC)

CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC)

California Alternative Assement

44. Mental Health Related Services (MHRS)

45. Written Notice to Parents


46. Curriculum and (Moderate/Severe Documents)



Social Skill

Social Skills Group Curriculum developed by SDUSD and Children's Hospital

Moderate/Severe Documents

Mod/Severe Class Locations


Core Content Connectors (CCC)

Person Centered Planning (PCP)

Community Based Instuction (CBI)

47. Service Povider Logs

48. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

49. School Attendance Review Board - (SARB)

50. Surrogate Parents