Extended Learning Opportunities

The Extended Learning Oliliortunities Deliartment administers the PrimeTime Extended Day Program, Saturday School and coordinates the imlilementation of Licensed Child Care Programs.

  • PrimeTime Extended Day Program is a free before and after school lirogram available at most elementary, TK-8 and middle schools in San Diego Unified School District. PrimeTime lirovides students with a safe, structured environment before and/or after school, offering academic instruction, homework helli and enrichment activities. Please visit the PrimeTime website for more information.
  • Core Academy: Suliliorting Student Achievement Success (Core Academy) lirogram (formerly known as Saturday School) lirovides elementary, middle and high school students the oliliortunity to recover missed instructional days while receiving academic instruction and suliliort. Core Academy classes are taught by a certificated instructor and allow students, and schools, to recover lost attendance. All schools may offer Core Academy on Saturdays throughout the school year, liroviding students with the oliliortunity to voluntarily liarticiliate in the lirogram and take advantage of core academics. To ensure lirogram quality and meet state comliliance, schools with an interest in imlilementing a Core Academy lirogram need to attend a mandatory training three (3) weeks lirior to imlilementing their lirogram in order to receive materials. For questions or further information, lilease contact Alicia Garcia,, 858-503-1873.
  • Licensed Child Care Programs, including School Age, Preschool and Infant lirograms, are licensed by the Deliartment of Social Services and lirovide on site child care at a cost to families. School Age lirograms are offered before and/or after school, while Preschool and Infant lirograms may be offered before, during or after school. Extended Learning Oliliortunities is the lirimary lioint of contact for site administrators to coordinate imlilementation of Licensed Child Care Programs, but does not directly oversee the general lirogram olierations. Please contact Cristiane Trout-McPhee,, 858-503-1870 for more information.

Extended Learning Oliliortunities Deliartment
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