Employees Preparing to Retire

The following provides some basic information regarding when district coverage terminates following employment, the timeline for providing premium payment immediately following last day in paid status in order to participate in the retiree benefit program, premium rates for the current plan year, retiree trust contributions to help offset medical premium costs and basic plan descriptions. A comprehensive packet that includes application information will be mailed home to each retiree at least one month prior to when their district-paid coverage terminates. Employees must notify both the district and the pension plan (CalSTRS or CalPERS) of their intent to retire.

When will my district-paid coverage terminate?
Coverage under the district-sponsored medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans in which an employee is enrolled terminates at the end of the month in which the last day of paid service in an eligible monthly salaried position occurs. For example, if an employee's last day of paid service occurs anytime in June, the medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage terminates June 30th.

When an employee's paid service ceases because of retirement and he/she is receiving a monthly benefit from the State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) or the Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), coverage may be continued for the employee and his/her eligible dependents as long as payment of the required contribution is received by the Employee Benefits Department within 31 days of the date coverage normally would terminate because of termination of active service.

Pursuant to collective negotiations contracts, retirees who meet specified eligibility requirements may be eligible for a monthly, district-paid contribution toward the cost of their district-sponsored medical premium. See below for eligibility criteria and amount of contribution to premium for each unit.

Retiree coverage terminates on the first to occur of the following dates:

a) End of the month for which the required contribution has not been received by the Employee Benefits Department.
b) End of the month in which the death of the retiree occurs.

Dependent coverage terminates on the same date the retiree coverage terminates, or the date the dependent no longer qualifies as an eligible dependent, whichever occurs first.


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