Employee Benefits

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Click below to access the comprehensive guide to San Diego Unified School District's health benefit plans. This guide provides detailed information on eligibility and enrollment plus benefit summaries for medical, dental and vision plans, life insurance and retirement savings plans for the 2021 plan year.

For a brief summary of District provided benefit plans and those offered by individual unions please review: Your Benefits at a Glance - 2020.

About San Diego Unified Employee Benefits

The San Diego Unified School District belongs to the California Schools Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA). Since 1993, VEBA has been providing management of Southern California's largest federally-funded trust that specializes in providing health care benefits for education employees. VEBA was created as a voluntary joint labor-management benefits organization and was established through the combined efforts of school superintendents and representatives of both the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA).

The district offers a generous and comprehensive benefits package to eligible employees and their eligible dependents. No employee contribution is required for eligible employees in paid status in monthly salaried positions of half-time or more. The district pays the full monthly premium cost of the medical, dental and vision plans selected for these employees and their eligible dependents. The district also pays the cost of basic life and AD&D insurance for eligible employees. Please refer to the Employee Benefits Guide above for additional information.

Employees in certificated job-share assignments may be required to contribute toward the cost of their health coverage and that amount may change annually. Premium changes are announced during the annual Open Enrollment period in October/November. Any required employee contribution is made through automatic payroll deduction on a ten-month basis, September to June.

Eligible Employees

An active employee, in paid status, in a monthly salaried position of half-time or more is eligible for district-paid health and life insurance coverage. Benefits-eligible employees may enroll in district-sponsored benefits plans within 31 days of either: a) the paid service begin date, b) the acceptance of offer date, or c) the contract signature date whichever is the later.

  • If the first day of paid service in the benefits-eligible position occurs between the 1st and 15th of the month - benefits become effective on the first day of the following month. Example: An employee starting on August 10th would become eligible for benefits on September 1st.
  • If the first day of paid service in the benefits-eligible position occurs after the 15th of the month - benefits become effective on the first day of the second full month of paid service. Example: An employee starting on August 26th would become eligible for benefits on October 1st.

Enrollment forms and supporting documentation for all dependents must be received by the Employee Benefits Department no later than 31 days from the date the employee becomes eligible for coverage. If not received by the 31st day, employees and their dependents will have to wait until an applicable qualifying event or the next Open Enrollment period to apply.