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Guidelines for Public Records Act Requests Received by Office of Record

Guidelines for Public Records Act Requests Received by Office of Record


2. Review Request

  • Thoroughly review the request to determine whether responsive documents exist.
  • If the request is too broad/vague, make suggestions to the Public Records Request Officer on how to assist the requester to make a focused and effective request that reasonably describes an identifiable record.

3. Conduct a Search and Collect Responsive Records

  • Conduct a reasonable search and collect responsive documents.
  • Do not dispose of documents after a request is made.
  • Staff time spent in searching, collecting, reviewing documents cannot be charged to the requester.

4. Courtesy Notification (if applicable)

  • Send courtesy notification to vendor(s) or individual(s) to inform them that their information has been requested under the Act. It is helpful to attach the document(s) for the vendor(s) or individual(s) to review. Templates are available from the Public Records Request Officer.

5. Submit Responsive Records

  • Unless prior arrangements have been made for the department to produce records directly to the requester, all responsive records should be submitted in their entirety to the Public Records Request Officer. 
  • Documents can be submitted as PDF or hardcopy.