Title I Arts Research

Start Here: Title I and Arts: title1arts.org This website is a how-to with regard to nearly everything related to arts and Title I. It includes several how-to videos featuring San Diego and a wonderful matrix of research articles related to the goals of Title I (and broken down by grade levels). NOTE: Use Firefox browser.

California Alliance for Arts Education This website also includes many many links/advocacy and info with regard to Title I and arts - as well as advocacy.

Journal: Learning Through the Arts This website links to the Journal for Learning Through the Arts. In this particular special issue you will find many articles including about arts integration and ELL in SDUSD, the DREAM project, and the Kennedy Center's model of arts integration.

Rinne, et al 2011 Mind Brain and Education: /staff/sites/default/files_link/staff/docs/learning-through-arts/rinne_et_al-2011-mind_brain_and_education.pdf. This article is: "Why Arts Integration Improves Long-Term retention of Content."

Video Links

https://vimeo.com/137861052 A Journey from Policy to Practice*

https://vimeo.com/137775675 The Story of San Diego*

http://www.title1arts.org/#!library/cnm2 Link to more Title I videos featuring SD. (NOTE: Use Firefox browser.)